Buddy’s Discount Fireworks

Our Mission

Our Goal
It is our goal at Buddy's Fireworks to insure that we sell the very best fireworks on the market today, not only in quality but in safety as well. At Buddy's you will always be able to purchase name brand fireworks at the lowest possible prices. We deal only with reliable companies that have been in business for over 50 years. We specialize in Duck Commander, Black Cat, Brothers, Fireworks Over America, World Class, and Atomic Brands including Atomic, Cherry Bomb and M-80.

When you purchase fireworks from Buddy's you can be sure it is the best and safest product available on the market.

All our products are tested by the manufacturer, Consumer Products and by Buddy himself. Buddy tests every product in the store personally before these items are sold.

Each product is guaranteed 100% in quality and satisfaction.

Buddy and his staff would like to wish each and every one, no matter what the occasion, a happy and safe celebration and especially a Happy 4th of July. We want every one to remember what we are celebrating..... our nation's birthday.

We want to thank each and every service man and woman for the sacrifices that have been made and continue to be made each and every day to make this the greatest nation on earth.

We have the largest selection of name brands in the South.